Indonesia vs Singapore Fintech

Fintech In Indonesia vs Singapore

Indonesia: around 70,000 islands and 270 million people… a new, maybe not easy, but certainly amazing frontier for FinTech. Yet, so far, Indonesia hasn’t been providing a business framework as enabling as its neighbors have, notably Singapore. Despite Blockchain Zoo having historically seen light in Indonesia, where they’re based, a large majority of their consultancies...
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Blockchain Pro And Cons

Blockchain: Pros And Cons Of The New Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is Blockchain In our latest infographic, we talk about the pros and cons of blockchain technology. We first discuss the basics, such as the definition of blockchain, the differences between public and private blockchains, and the pros and cons of the technology. Later, we give it a SWOT Analysis, talk about different uses, the...
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Personal Branding

5 Tips On How To Build Personal Branding With Social Media Channels

Personal Branding Whether you like him or not is irrelevant. Regardless of your political views, Donald Trump took the world by surprise when he was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. And before we talk more, need we remind you that this article is apolitical, and...
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Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to marketing in modern times, in a broad sense it can be broken into two main categories, and our latest infographic compares these two, entitled “Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing”. Traditional marketing can cover anything from word of mouth (believed by many to be the best kind of marketing), to paper flyers,...
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Green Technology Solutions

Green Technology Solutions: Who’s Using It, And Where?

What is Green Technology It may also mean a type of energy that’s considered less harmful to the environment than conventional ways. Green technology encompasses a range of activities, methods, materials, and techniques, such as energy recycling, safety, renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency.  Types of Green Technology Solar Power Solar panels are a great...
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Fintech Daily

Short Intro To The Fintech Daily Group

While our Cyberius audience has been enjoying our informative articles and infographics that we’ve been posting semi-regularly, we’ve been building another group on the side called Fintech Daily, for all the folks who love daily fintech content. Every day during the work week, we share 7 different fintech related articles from around the web, each...
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EOS vs Ethereum


EOS vs Ethereum We compare these two blockchain platforms, and see some of the major differences between the two. We start off comparing each platform’s popularity, including money raised, and their place on the market. Next we briefly cover the contracts for both Ethereum and EOS, and you can judge for yourself which seems better....
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Best Practices

No matter what your business is selling, without good marketing it can be in vain. While there are different types of marketing out there – some we have covered on our blog – today is the day that we’re giving you Email Marketing 101.   Email Marketing Best Practices Important terms to learn: Cold leads....
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Blockchain for Dummy

Blockchain For Dummies: How To Understand This New Technology

Ah, the blockchain! While you’ve probably heard of this term – mostly thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, particularly in 2017 – you might still be at a loss of the technology that serves as the backbone of Bitcoin: the blockchain. Aside from being a public ledger to record all Bitcoin transactions, blockchain technology...
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Fintech Unbanked

How Can Fintech Help The Unbanked? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In this infographic, we take you through many stats and facts about the unbanked population in many countries around the world, and how FinTech can help them gain access to financial services. Unbanked Definition First, we’ll explain what unbanked means, and give you some worldwide data by the World Bank Group from 2017 about the...
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