May 30, 2019

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Using Infographics As Effective Marketing Tools

Using Infographics As Effective Marketing Tools

If you want to promote a website or online business, then digital marketing is an essential skill set to have. Marketers have a great deal of tools to choose from to get the results they seek, and one of these tools is the infographic.

Infographics help put complex ideas, data, and information into an easily digestible visual format. Good infographics are highly shareable on social media and external blogs, and can be great tools for acquiring backlinks to your site. For this reason, it’s important to know how to use infographics as effective marketing tools.

Why Make An Infographic? The Benefits Of An Infographic.

There are many benefits to infographics, some of the main ones include :

  1. Infographics are obviously attractive to the eye, they catch people’s attention and help them want to see your post.
  2. They seamlessly blend text and images, making complex ideas or data-focused information easier to understand and digest.
  3. It’s said that people are 30x more likely to read infographics than text articles! And it’s believed by many that image-based content is more effective than text-based content in earning views and driving results… so why wouldn’t you make an infographic?
  4. Infographics have proven to be able to produce quality traffic. And fifthly, the search term “infographic” has a high search volume per month.

And there’s many more. For example, people will likely share infographics 3x more than any other visual content. Infographics will also likely gain social likes and backlinks.

There’s a reason for this. If the content is relevant to what a reader may like or need, then it’s going to be viewed more than just standard decorative images that don’t have essential context. On top of this, an infographic should be also easily digestible, so it’s more convenient than reading through a long text post.

An article should accompany a good infographic in the place where it’s hosted. This will help with the SEO side of things as text within an image is not read by search engines (as far as we know, at least). Additionally, a compelling infographic can help increase an article’s engagement by 37%, so a combo is a win-win for both the article and the infographic!

Additionally, infographics are great for your website, and can increase site traffic by 12% when you compare to content without visuals.

Their rich content and information can also help to present you as an expert in your niche. Infographics can help your website gain inbound links, generate around 60% more interest from your target audience, and improve your search rankings. And because you can use your infographic to educate customers about your products and services, and why they’re superior to your competitors’, an infographic can also help increase your sales.

Lastly, infographics are great for social media posts! For example, Tweets with visuals are 88% more popular, while 37% of visual tweets use infographics. So if you want to feel the love on Twitter, try posting some informative infographics.

What’s The Best Format For An Infographic?

While there are different forms of infographics, one of the best performing infographic formats is long vertical infographics.

Although, square infographics may also be well received in social media posts. As stated, the place where your infographic is hosted should have an accompanying article to help with your SEO.

Remember Quality Over Dazzles

When it comes to infographics, the way to stand out over the crowd isn’t just by making a really aweome looking infographic. Those are a dime a dozen these days. You’re infographic must be a good balance of unique & creative graphics, with well-researched, informative, & quality content for the reader.

How To Share An Infographic?

There’s many different ways to share an infographic.

First, consider if your infographic has material relating to a specific industry or company. If so, then do targeted email outreach to people in that company or in that industry. Ask them to provide general feedback and professional quotes to improve the infographic content. In return, they can get their name or brand mentioned in the infographic. From there, you can discuss if they’d be willing to share it on their blogs or social media. They can share the infographic itself with your logo on it as the creators. Or, a better option (for you), is they can share a link to the hosted infographic on your blog.

The first option will simply get your name out there more. The second (and preferred) option, if they use a DO-FOLLOW link, will give SEO love to your site. If they, however, give a NO-FOLLOW link (less preferred), this is still valuable. It will be easier for people to come to your site, but it will not count towards your site’s SEO.

Second, influencer and guest post outreach. Some influencers may not directly involve themselves in a particular industry, but your content is still something that their audience will love and find valuable. Try reaching out to these people and sites as well, and ask if they’d be willing to share your content (only if their audience would find it valuable). Depending on how they operate, you may offer to write a unique accompanying article for the infographic. This step should be after you implement everything from the experts into your infographic. Their extra content will add to it’s value.

Thirdly, after you implement all relevant data, and the infographic is complete, it’s time to share on your own blog and social media channels. You can post the hosted link on online groups and forums where it’s ok to do so. Also sharing the entire infographic on your social media. It is even possible to extend its posting usefulness overtime. For example, you can create various posts talking about different points in the infographic, along with a link. You can also divide your infographic into sections and share those separately along with a link.


An infographic is one of the best kinds of digital content out there to share, and it can be an extremely useful marketing tool for your website or business. But you have to make sure to do it right. The infographic below will give you many tips on how to make and share a successful infographic.

Using Infographics as effective marketing tools

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Using Infographics As Effective Marketing Tools

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