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Initial Coin / Token Offering Advisory

We help our clients to plan and create their ICO campaigns from a-z. Promote and distribute your coins, thus gaining funding for your project.

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Whitepaper Development and Distribution

Successful ICOs need a good and informative whitepaper. We create whitepapers, design them, and distribute them on behalf of our clients.

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Building An Online Community

Every company needs it’s own community. We create and manage social media platform accounts for our clients, including: Slack, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit, other forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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We help increase traffic to our clients’ websites through SEO work, spreading press releases, and by creating informational articles and infographics.

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Pre-ICO Placement Service

We offer Pre-ICO Placement for your digital token needs. This is an additional round of funding which should help boost your official ICO campaign.

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We prepare social fundraising campaigns for our clients. Equity based crowdfunding. Get your business or idea off the ground.


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