Blockchain Implementation in Asia

Blockchain Implementation In Asia – Report

Cyberius brings you this special report on “Blockchain Implementation In Asia”, where we explore where and how blockchain technology is being implemented throughout Southeast Asia. We take a look at Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia, and see who is implementing blockchain technology within each of these countries. Download...
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How Has The Internet Of Things Been Developing In Asian Countries?

What Is The Internet Of Things? IoT (Internet Of Things) is a blanket term that refers to an environment where billions of devices globally are connected via the internet. Simply put, IoT involves taking physical things in the world, and connecting them to the internet. IoT is unique because it enables devices to communicate amidst...
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What Is Masternode Technology? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blockchain technology, otherwise known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), has brought with it a plethora of new words and definitions. Masternode is one of those new words. What is a Masternode? A Masternode is a PC wallet or crypto-coin node, used as a Proof-of-Service algorithm, which safeguards a copy of the blockchain in real-time. It...
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What Do SEO And Content Marketing Have In Common? Why Are They Important For Each Other?

Nowadays, a higher proportion of the population is hyper-connected. These individuals have access to massive amounts of information such as instant news via their mobile, home, or office devices. They also spend quite a considerable amount of time online. Therefore, companies have realized that to capture the interest of customers, they need to enhance and...
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How Taiwan Is Slowly Turning Into A Blockchain Powerhouse

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Although the cryptocurrency market is currently going through a tumultuous phase, the race towards blockchain adoption remains active globally, although the picture for blockchain adoption across the planet remains patchy. Some countries have actively banned all crypto and blockchain activities while others have become global advocates for the technology. The rest remain...
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Bancor In A Nutshell [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bancor Network Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network. It’s a platform that enables the creation of smart tokens, which can be made into small scale community currencies, and exchanged for any crypto on the market. Users can hold any traded token and convert it into others. As of April 26th, 2018, Bancor had 19,554 holder...
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Infographic Komodo

Our Participation In The Komodo Infographic Contest

Komodo Contest Cyberius was honored to have recently taken part in the Komodo infographic contest! Although we didn’t win this time, we’ve decided not to wallow in tears of grief (*sniff), but rather to celebrate the great opportunity we had in participating! 😀 You can see the contest thread on Reddit, here. There were 34...
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Renewable Energy

The 3 Most Popular Types Of Renewable Energies

What is Renewable Energy As energy derived from fossil fuels often brings with it some setbacks (such as air-pollution from older cars, etc.) or often times perceived setbacks, and as they can be quite spendy and in the hands of a few, humans have begun to look for cheaper and cleaner alternative energy sources, and...
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Elastos Win

Cyberius Wins 2nd Place In The Elastos Infographic Contest

Cyberius is proud to announce that we recently won 2nd place in a contest to best explain Elastos in a creative infographic. You can read all about the rules and additional information about the contest, here. There were 6 total winning spots, and the prize for 2nd place was eighty (80) Elastos Tokens (ELAs). They...
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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing: The Potential To Use It In Your Social Media Strategy

What is Linkedin LinkedIn is a professional business-oriented site that’s specifically designed to assist businesses and career professionals to connect. It enables professionals to acquire resources, support, and build successful business relationships with partners, customers, and clients. It’s perfect for company and business owners, freelancers, students, and anyone else who is interested in cultivating their...
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