European Regulations On ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been taking the world by storm, with a plethora of projects popping up in hopes to grow into something big. Through this, a stream of opportunity has risen for technological innovation to pave the way of the oncoming future. Yet, with it, there have been a string of scams and...
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Neufund In A Nutshell: Equity Fundraising On The Blockchain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cyberius is pleased to introduce you to our latest infographic, titled “Neufund In A Nutshell: Equity Fundraising On The Blockchain”. This infographic talks about this new phenomena in the cryptocurrency and fundraising industries, and explains what it is and how it works. Essentially, Neufund is a brand new way of raising capital. Its Equity Token...
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Asian Regulations On ICOs

While it’s been around for much longer, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been the latest craze within the blockchain community since 2016, as organizations like The DAO raised about $160 million dollars in funding. Simply put, ICOs are a means for a company to raise funding for a blockchain based start-up, where ownership is distributed...
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ASEAN Insight Thailand Report

Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights Thailand ICO Market

Cyberius is pleased to announce the release of our latest Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights: Thailand ICO Market. In this report you’ll gain valuable information about the fintech atmosphere in this Asian country. When it comes to where it stands on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchains, and fintech technologies, Thailand has had a lot of back and...
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ICO Advisor Cyberius

Do You Really Need An Advisor For Your ICO Project?

Last year (2017) was undoubtedly a booming year for for the crypto world, where a plethora of people began to step their foot into this emerging industry, proposing grand goals and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects that could or would potentially ‘change the way the world turned.’ Yet, with the year having passed and 2018’s...
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Ziliqa infographic

Zilliqa In A Nutshell [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blockchain technology has received some significant improvements (from the original Bitcoin blockchain) over its short lifespan, the first prominent change of which was from Ethereum with its Smart Contracts. And now there’s a new blockchain rolling into town with some very new and positive improvements… Zilliqa.   This new blockchain is the world’s first high-throughput...
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What You Need To Know About ICOs & IPOs [INFOGRAPHIC]

IPOs have been around for a long time in different forms, though most people would likely associate them with companies going public on the modern day stock market. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, and it is when a company first goes public with selling shares of its company to individuals and/or institutional investors in...
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Cryptocurrency Communities

Cryptocurrency Communities And Why They’re Important For ICO Marketing

Since early 2017, the number of cryptocurrency projects has increased remarkably. Despite the rapid growth of new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the total value of investments in these projects have fallen since December, a time when the total investment value exceeded US $1.5 billion. ICOs offer cryptocurrency projects fast and low cost alternative methods for...
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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts in the Banking Sector

In recent discussion with the CEO of a Swiss reinsurance company, we discussed the topic of digitalization and the impact of emerging technologies on financial institutions, particularly how  Fintech and other financial innovations like the blockchain, are reducing costs and improving customer experience. To keep up, and successfully ride the wave of digitalization, identifying the...
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Asean Insights Indonesia Report

Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights Indonesian ICO Market

At Cyberius Digital, a digital marketing company who specializes in online community management and crowdfunding, we have recently published a report titled: “ASEAN Insights Indonesian ICO Market”. The report is focused on cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technology around the banking sector of Indonesia, which will help determine the atmosphere for ICOs in the country. It is...
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