Cyberius presents our latest infographic on the subject of equity tokens. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Chris Glendhill (Fintech influencer), and Elena A. Mesropyan (Top 100 Women in FinTech 2018), for their thoughts and feedback that went into the infographic below.

What Is ICO

ICOs have been around for the last few years, and they’re not too much unlike IPOs. The name ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, and is basically where a company (usually in the blockchain or fintech industries) offers digital tokens to the public and to private investors, in exchange usually for other more established cryptocurrencies, in order to raise funding for development, growth, and expansion.

As time has progressed, different types of tokens that a company could offer have emerged in the cryptocurrency space.

The token for which this infographic is named, the equity token, is more akin to stocks for a company. Equity tokens represent ownership of an asset, such as debt or company stock, and are a subcategory of security tokens.

When planning to launch an ICO, it’s important to know what kind of token (aka cryptocurrency) you’re going to create for your venture.

This infographic covers the basics of the differences between the three main types of tokens, which are:

  • equity tokens,
  • utility tokens,
  • security tokens.

This information is extremely important as it can also affect whether or not you need to comply with certain regulations.

How ICO Works

You’ll also learn important information like how an ICO works, get tips on how to market for your ICO, and see why we suggest that you should consider an equity token for your project. We also give you a list of equity tokens from previous projects.

Enjoy the infographic below,
The Cyberius team.

Infographic Equity Tokens

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