February 6, 2019

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How to Get More Leads Thanks to Infographics

How to Get More Leads Thanks to Infographics

Today, having a quality lead generation technique is vital for every business organization. There are many ways to generate leads. Amongst several proven lead generating tactics, Infographics are known to be extremely beneficial.

In this article, you will find out:

  1. What an Infographic is, the process of making one, and why it’s crucial for your business to invest in Infographics.
  2. What sales leads are and the importance of using Infographics as a lead generation tactic to boost your organization’s sales.
  3. Interesting and surprising ways in which you can use Infographics to increase leads on your website.

Infographics are powerful pieces of content. In this article, we’ll give you some general guidelines on the process of creating and marketing an infographic.

Infographic Definition

Infographics can best be described as visual presentations that leverage elements of design to display information. They often convey complex content to viewers in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Moreover, they can make dry and dull information more engaging. They compress complex information into aesthetically pleasing, quick, precise, and clear graphics that can’t be missed.

Often, they are used to visualize data, illustrate step-by-step processes, research findings, data presentations, annual statistical reports, & organizational hierarchies, among others.

Furthermore, they can be easily repurposed and shared on multiple different channels.

Infographics are usually composed of three crucial elements. These include visual elements such as

  • graphics, reference icons, and color coding, content elements such as statistics, references, & time frames, and knowledge elements which are facts.

They are used by basically anyone who needs to present information visually. Examples include bloggers, marketers, teachers, analysts, & business owners, among others.

They use Infographics to:

  • Explain relationships between things or people that would otherwise be difficult using words only.
  • Separate key points from blog posts, research data, larger documents, or curate data from several sources.
  • Provide instructions in a simple, quick, & straightforward manner that’s easy to understand and remember.

Infographic Process

There are several methods of creating Infographics. Most of these methods leverage software programs to help the creator place data and graphical elements into the Infographic.

Ingohraphic creation process

Some popular online services and software tools include:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Illustrator or InDesign
  • Canva
  • Visme
  • Piktochart

Many of these programs have pre-designed templates to speed up the creation process. Through them, designing an Infographic becomes as easy as dragging and dropping graphical elements in place.

Any text added to the Infographic can then be formatted as desired. Most online Infographic design services allow immediate sharing on social media after the design is complete.

For the Infographic to have the right effect, it must be constructed in the right way. The design needs to be crafted with care, and the structure needs to be correct and attractive.

Below are several steps on how to create an Infographic.

Infographic Process

1. Outline the Goals of your Infographic

Before looking at what design, layout, chart, or data you are going to use, you need to think about the goal of the Infographic.

Who are you planning to target? How will your audience engage with the content? Such questions help you map out a goal and purpose for the Infographic before-hand.

2. Collect Data

Now that you have a goal, you will need to search for information that will go into the Infographic.

When you collect information, think about: What are the statistics you want to highlight? How does the data relate to the goal of the Infographic? What problems are you trying to solve?

Also, it’s highly essential to make sure that all data going into the Infographic is credible.

An Infographic is only as reliable as its sources, therefore, ensure you are displaying correct information.

3. Create a Frame

This step involves deciding how to present the data visually. You can do this by designing a skeleton of the final copy.

You can plan out where everything such as images and text will go in advance.

This will help save time and reduce frustration. Moreover, it’s at this point that you can decide if there’s anything that needs to be removed or added.

4. Design

At this point, you already have everything necessary to create the Infographic. The only step that remains is to construct the Infographic.

You need to ensure that the data has structure, visual flow, and is represented concisely & transparently.

5. Publish and Promote

The last step in making an Infographic is publishing it and promoting it. Promotion can be done in many ways.

It can be displayed on your business website blog, used on your landing page, or promoted via various social media channels.

The goal is to reach out to a broader audience and to help increase traffic to your website.

Sales Leads

A sales lead is a person, business, or organization that expresses an interest in the goods and services you offer. Leads are obtained through a process known as lead generation.

This is where a customer responds to direct advertising or a specific marketing effort.

Such people or businesses are classified as sales leads as they have the potential to become prospective buyers.

They haven’t yet become buyers, but they have become leads, which is a first step in the sales process.

Leads and Infographics

Lead generating is extremely important to an online business as it enables it to create enormous traffic to its site. This results in the company making more sales, realizing higher conversion rates, and boosting its profits.

While there are various ways to fulfill this, Infographics are a great way to generate leads.

When well-executed, Infographics work wonders. They transform dry content into visually pleasing material.

Moreover, they are known to be more engaged with on social media than any other types of content. As a result, they are great tools for lead generation to a website.

Below are several ways in which Infographics can help generate more leads for your website:

  • Link an offer with your Infographic

Having an Infographic with an offer is a great lead generation tool. Not only do you acquire your lead’s email and personal information.

But, you turn them into a prospective future client. Offering just a bit of your services for free or at a discount is a great way to promote yourself.

  • Promote your Infographic on Social Media

Infographics tend to capture interest three times more than any other type of content.

Therefore, the best way to realize their value is to share them as images on social media with links to your website. This is a sure-fire way of creating leads.

  • Showcase the Infographic on your Website

Once the Infographic is done, you can use your site to showcase it. Even better is the fact that the Infographic speaks for itself.

There is no need for a lot of extra information.

  • Host the Infographic on a Landing Page

This is a great way of using an Infographic. You can host it on a landing page where your customers.

Potential customers can either sign up in exchange for a particular offer or for daily or weekly updates.

  • Guest Posting

Ask appropriate influencers if they’d be willing to post it on their website and/or social media channels with a DO-Follow backlink to your site.

The idea here is value exchange: you’ve spent your time, money, & creativity creating a valuable piece of content that their audience might enjoy.

In return, you simply want credit, link juice, and the ability for people to visit your site if they wish.

Make sure that your site is something they would be willing to give a DO-Follow link to, as that may affect their SEO.


Often overlooked, Infographics are a great way to generate leads for any business or organization.

They are easy to make, and they seem to capture the interest of their audience much faster compared to other types of content.

Reach out to us on our main page if you need a good Infographic created.

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