Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights Thailand ICO Market

Cyberius is pleased to announce the release of our latest Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights: Thailand ICO Market.

In this report you’ll gain valuable information about the fintech atmosphere in this Asian country. When it comes to where it stands on cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchains, and fintech technologies, Thailand has had a lot of back and forth.

Currently, however, the country looks promising for the Fintech industry.

One of the facts found in the report below, is that Thailand’s growing economy has a very low percentage of banked individuals, with a growing number of smartphone ownership. This could be an excellent opportunity for blockchain-based financial services to swoop in and take advantage of the huge potential market.

The report also covers Thailand’s place compared to other Asian countries in regards to how many Fintech companies they have, as well as a chart which compares Thailand with ten total Asian countries, giving them scores based on their:

  • political environment,
  • funding potential,
  • financial attractiveness,
  • talent,
  • regulatory advancement,
  • customer & market construct,
  • innovative ecosystem,
  • business environment.

If you’re interested in doing fintech-related business in Thailand, or even in Asia in general, you should find this report insightful Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights Thailand ICO Market

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