Zilliqa In A Nutshell [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blockchain technology has received some significant improvements (from the original Bitcoin blockchain) over its short lifespan, the first prominent change of which was from Ethereum with its Smart Contracts.

And now there’s a new blockchain rolling into town with some very new and positive improvements… Zilliqa.  

What is Zilliqa

This new blockchain is the world’s first high-throughput public blockchain platform, and it’s designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second! It has a novel protocol that brings the theory of sharding to practice and increases transaction rates as the network expands.

Zilliqa has also created a new Smart Contract for the platform, designed with parallelism, atomic commits, and a user-defined security budget. This new blockchain platform is extremely secure, having protocols with strong probabilistic security guarantees.

The Zilliqa platform will run on the latest of technologies, including network sharding, a safe & efficient consensus, and a Scilla Automata-based language.

Blockchains aren’t perfect. Many of them deal with issues such as limited scalability, transaction costs (some of them quite high), slow network speeds, and some security flaws. Zilliqa plans to overcome all of these issues.

It will have:

  • 200x and more higher throughput,
  • data-flow & sharding-friendly smart contracts,
  • lower transaction fees for users,
  • will be miner friendly with lower costs,
  • stable rewards,
  • being compatible with Ethash.

This amazing new blockchain has already completed some milestones on its roadmap, and is continuing to grow. We’re certainly excited to see where it goes next. Learn more below…

Zilliqa in a nutshell Infographic

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