Marketing: Digital Trends 2018

Change is inevitable. As the wise Heraclitus of Ephesus once said, the only thing constant in life is change. This means that while everything can be unpredictable. We can safely foresee that changes, in all aspects of life, will always take place.

This is especially true in the modern world these days. We have reached quite an era, where everything is digital and sometimes more practical. To be able to survive in this digital world as you want your business to prosper, you need to embrace and adjust your marketing strategy. And this is why businesses all around the world are doing digital marketing these days.

Digital Marketing Trends

The importance of digital marketing cannot be stressed enough – a digital marketing strategy can make or break your business. Particularly true if you are a new startup in today’s era, the mastery of digital marketing is something crucial.

Below we share some of the top digital marketing trends that have been happening and have been proven to bring results in 2018.

Note: digital marketing may not be necessary or effective for all businesses, business types, or individual situations. Now, let’s continue…

Grab It! What is there to grab?

Well, it is your audience’s attention. No matter how good of a concept you have, if you cannot implement it in a way that attracts your audience’s attention. It will come to no avail. Implement a powerful digital marketing campaign that will really make viewers stop for a few seconds and think about your brand.

How do you do this?

One of the easiest ways would be to take advantage of videos. This is where the hot areas are, as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter see some whopping figures in the numbers of their watched videos through their platforms.

Android’s campaign called “Friend Furever” is a good example that successfully attracted people’s attention by utilizing video. It was the most-shared video ad, with more than 6 million shares across social media in 2015 alone, and it still remains popular up to this year.

Be Everywhere

While having a social media page is already a good start, you can never be too good. Start building your presence in at least a few different platforms: do your research first on which audience would be the target of your business’ brand.

If you, for example, choose to target the billions of YouTube visitors and viewers everyday, then make a YouTube channel. Concentrate on at least 3-5 platforms, and avoid using only a single platform.

Wendy’s is arguably one of the most successful campaigners that has various social media accounts, with their Twitter account becoming the talk of the town as it was shared thousands of times.


Yep, like the name suggests, take your business mobile. While anyone in a modernized society without a cellphone is a rare sight these days, there isn’t much that businesses are doing in the world of mobilfication.

Well, mobile will still continue to be one of the top priorities for digital marketers, at least for years to come.

And Gordon’s Gin, with their mobile-friendly website and SMS service, is one that has proven success in breeding the culture of mobilfication. At least 155,255 messages were delivered through their mobile SMS service and app, which led to 41,918 people finding the highlighted store by their message, among which 32,604 of them ended up making purchases.

Imagine what mobilfication can do for your business.

“Influence” The Influencers

Spot some of the most effective and famous influencers and “influence” them to promote your brand. Getting an influential person to promote your product, service, or brand is called Influencer Marketing.

These days people are looking up to social figures with large followings on social media, and these social figures are the ones that you want to influence, meaning you get in touch with them and make out some business deals where they will help promote your brand. 

There are many ways to do this. But one of the most common would be to send these influencers your products and/or pay them a fee. They will then give endorsements for you and promote your products/services to the masses.

Youfoodz, an Australian fresh meal company, was a successful example in this particular trend. By hiring over 80 influencers, their campaign reached almost 70,000 engagements, with more than 500,000 total impressions and almost 1.5 million people on Facebook and Instagram.

New Art of Storytelling

Last but not least, you would want your business to enable “stories”.

All of the previous trends mean nothing if you cannot deliver stories that connect your brand to your customers, and one of the most recent trends that’s upcoming in 2018 would be the “stories” format like the one Instagram has.

Basically, you will provide your users with a means of creating stories. Stories are scenes that capture the best moments of a day in the customers’ lives and these scenes will disappear after a set amount of time (e.g. 24 hours).

This temporary nature of stories makes a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) situation, where it kind of puts a subconscious pressure in users’ minds to check new stories before they disappear. Start thinking about stories as one of the keys of your digital marketing strategy in 2018.

It has helped Instagram to get more than 800 million monthly users. This number is even expected to break the 1 billion count in this year of 2018. There are many more digital marketing trends that need to be embraced and made use of – which can really be beneficial for your startup business.


By implementing some of these strategies that can sometimes be overlooked by your competitors. You are already setting yourself apart in the eyes of your target audience.

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