Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to marketing in modern times, in a broad sense it can be broken into two main categories, and our latest infographic compares these two, entitled “Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing”.

Traditional marketing can cover anything from word of mouth (believed by many to be the best kind of marketing), to paper flyers, posters, & banners, to telemarketers, to TV infomercials or commercials.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, deals strictly with digital means of communication, such as emails, targeted ads, sales funnels & splash pages, social media, etc.

Of course the two can have some overlap, such as with the use of influencers, who can be utilized in either category. Both of these broad categories have general advantages over the other.

The infographic discusses different forms that traditional marketing and digital marketing can take, some of which we have previously mentioned. It also talks about the potential reach of both of these categories.

For example, traditional marketing is great for targeted local audiences. Digital marketing can reach anyone anywhere, who is actively on the internet, and can target specific groups. 

More is discussed in the infographic below, which we hope you will enjoy.
The Cyberius team.

Created by Cyberius, a digital marketing company who specializes in content creation, online community management, and crowdfunding.

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