Cyberius is pleased to introduce to you the following infographic about a new and exciting platform called the APEX Network. You’ll get to see what the APEX Network is, why it’s important, how you can use it, the technology it deploys, and their roadmap for near-term developments.

What is Apex Network

The APEX Network is a new blockchain-based platform, specifically designed to help build stronger relationships between businesses and their customers. It’s a platform built specifically for fostering better Business to Consumer (B2C) relations.

The APEX Network aims to better your business and your customer’s value that they receive from you at the same time. It does so by optimizing marketing, customer-relationship management, customer loyalty, and customer experience.

The platform will help you gain increased trust, privacy, and transparency for all B2C interactions; It will also optimize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and help to eliminate middlemen networks when necessary.

The platform was founded by a leading AI and data technology company in Shanghai, called Chinapex, who focus on marketing, personalization, and customer relations management (CRM). They have a large number of global partners, consumer profiles, and a large research & development (R&D) team.

With the APEX Network, they aim to solve many problems that are plaguing the B2C sector, in areas such as data and B2C interactions, which will be explained in the infographic below. The platform has practical applications in the: retail, travel, luxury & lifestyle, automotives, financial services, and education industries.

The APEX Network employs not only blockchain tech, but a number of other technologies, including:

  • sidechains,
  • delegated Proof-of-Stake,
  • supernodes,
  • smart contracts,
  • the APEX Data Connector,
  • personal data and transactions,
  • the Cross-Network DEX.

They’re also developing their own digital wallet called the CPH Wallet, designed for their platform. The APEX Network’s roadmap shows planned developments back from early February 2018 and going all the way to Q4 of 2019.

All in all, this seems like an exciting project. And we were pleased to create this infographic for you to become more informed on this trail-blazing new platform. We hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day,
The Cyberius team.