Short Intro To The Fintech Daily Group

While our Cyberius audience has been enjoying our informative articles and infographics that we’ve been posting semi-regularly, we’ve been building another group on the side called Fintech Daily, for all the folks who love daily fintech content. Every day during the work week, we share 7 different fintech related articles from around the web, each one with a short description, funny emojis, and a graphic with the post #. It’s a bit less formal and more fun in wording. In this intro, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what we’ve done, and where you can find us. And we hope you’ll join us there.

Fintech Daily is a news community for the financial technology enthusiast. We bring you daily fresh news about financial technology development. We create our daily press for people who are interested in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and all things fintech, as well as for people who just like learning more about new technologies.

Our most popular channel by far is our Facebook group (which we encourage you to join), with currently 19,673 follows, and 242 posts (as of August 8th, 2018), and expected to grow. We know Facebook doesn’t work for everyone, and some people just like to be on multiple platforms, so for you people, we’re also on Telegram and Twitter.

We hope to see you on one of the above channels if you’re a fintech or technology enthusiast 🙂

Have a great day!

The Cyberius / Fintech Daily team.

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