We Won 1st & 2nd Place In Blockchain.io’s Mascot Contest – October

Blockchain.io (@blockchainio on Twitter), creators of the BCIO token, recently had their 2nd weekly contest for October, and this one was for mascots! You can see their rules and prizes for the contest here. Multiple submissions were allowed. So, with the help of our Team Manager, Kacper Bakczyk, and our graphic designers, our CEO and Founder, Pawel Tomczyk (@PawelTomczyk on Twitter), and our Content Manager, Zaneta Gudowicz (under @CyberiusDigital on Twitter), put in their submissions for the contest.

Both of our submissions for the contest ended up getting 1st and 2nd places! First up was Pawel’s mascot… Chainy the Hippo!

And next up was Zaneta’s mascot… Blockie the Snake!

We had a lot of fun designing these little guys, and we’d like to say congrats to all of the other winners (5 winners total).