Our Participation In The Komodo Infographic Contest

Komodo Contest

Cyberius was honored to have recently taken part in the Komodo infographic contest!

Although we didn’t win this time, we’ve decided not to wallow in tears of grief (*sniff), but rather to celebrate the great opportunity we had in participating! 😀

You can see the contest thread on Reddit, here. There were 34 contestants in all, with 3 levels of prizes for 5 winners (a grand prize of 5,000 KMD, two 2nd place prizes of 500 KMD each, and two third place prizes of 250 KMD each).

Once your first infographic was created, comments were given and a 2nd revision was made. We were very grateful to the Komodo team and the community for giving us the feedback that led to our revision. You can see both of our submissions on our infographic’s Reddit thread, here.


Part of the winning process had to do with community votes. You can see the main Twitter voting thread here:

The finalists announcement finally came 😉 where the 5 winners were announced. A huge congratulations to all of the winners!


Although we didn’t make the winning cut on this round (*sniff), Komodo was gracious enough on the announcement page to let us know that we – along with two others – had almost made the cut, and were given honorable mentions and a small KMD reward.

Once again, a huge congratulations to the winners, a heartfelt “thank you” to the Komodo team, and we’ll see you guys again with news from the next infographic contest 🙂 “We’ll-Be-Back”. To see our previous infographic contest wins, as well as tons of informative articles and infographics, see our blog’s main page.

See our final infographic submission below:

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Have a great day everyone!

The Cyberius team.