Fintech Report 2018: ASEAN Insights Indonesian ICO Market

At Cyberius Digital, a digital marketing company who specializes in online community management and crowdfunding, we have recently published a report titled: ASEAN Insights Indonesian ICO Market.

The report is focused on cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technology around the banking sector of Indonesia. Which will help determine the atmosphere for ICOs in the country. It is our opinion based on the research we’ve found that Fintech must and will play a larger role in Indonesia’s financial sector in the future.

The report details the rise of Bitcoin and the Indonesian government’s currently hostile ban of the cryptocurrency, and what effects this may have in the market.

We also look into the Big Four, what their initiatives are, and how technology (mainly blockchain) may be bringing in quick changes to these banking giants. These are moves in the financial industry which everyone should be aware of.

In the report, we take a look at Indonesia’s progress with going digital. We also discuss how we can prepare for the future. And finally we end the report with a look into the Fintech atmosphere in Indonesia, including:  

  • startups,
  • startup demographics,
  • and banking trends.

This special report “ASEAN Insights Indonesian ICO Market” is a useful tool for anyone looking to open a technology or financial technology based startup in Indonesia. And should be of great use to Indonesian banks, and the government.

This report shows that Indonesia is ripe for a Fintech revolution, which can benefit the government, the banks, and the people. Complete with graphs and quotes from various other credible sources.

To learn more about the ICO market and Fintech atmosphere in Indonesia, read our report here: Fintech 2018: ASEAN Insights Indonesian ICO Market

Cyberius is a digital marketing company who specializes in online community management and crowdfunding.