Cyberius Wins 2nd Place In The Elastos Infographic Contest

Cyberius is proud to announce that we recently won 2nd place in a contest to best explain Elastos in a creative infographic. You can read all about the rules and additional information about the contest, here. There were 6 total winning spots, and the prize for 2nd place was eighty (80) Elastos Tokens (ELAs).

They have since released an article with all 6 of the winning infographics, ours being under the name of our founder, Pawel Tomczyk. You can see the article here.  

Below,  you can see Elastos’ winner announcement on Twitter.

Much of the contest took place on Twitter as each team had to share their infographic with a specific hashtag as part of the deciding factor for winners, and people voted and shared those infographics, etc.

Our infographic entry share on Twitter.

To end this short announcement, we’ve posted our infographic below for you to enjoy.

Have a great day!
The Cyberius team.