Cyberius Wins Zilliqa Infographic Contest!

We would like to announce that our company – Cyberius – has recently won an infographic contest put out by blockchain and cryptocurrency company Zilliqa.

Our infographic stood out among the competition while meeting Zilliqa’s requirements, and subsequently came out on top.

We put in our submission to @zilliqa on Twitter via the hashtag: #zilliqacontest, with our own twitter handle being @CyberiusDigital (if you would like to follow us). We titled our infographic “Zilliqa In A Nutshell Infographic”.

There were plenty of other submissions hoping to win first prize, and we all had to wait nearly a month before we heard the winners announcement, which came on April 21st, 2018. A big thank you and shoutout to Saiba Kataruka (@SaibaKataruka on Twitter) for this very exciting announcement!

The 1st prize included 200,000 ZILs, a round trip ticket to Singapore, and an in-person meeting & dinner scheduled with the Zilliqa team.

Well, that’s the news, and we hope that you’re excited with us! Please check out the infographic, follow us on Twitter, and keep an eye out for the next blog from us 🙂

Have a great day,
The Cyberius Team.

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