January 23, 2019

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Remote Work and the Whole Truth about It (2019)

Remote Work and the Whole Truth about It (2019)

Modern technology has undoubtedly become an essential part of life for many of us, permeating even the larger global work culture. With globalization and demand for work flexibility on the rise, remote work is fast becoming the norm.

From this article, you will find out:

  1. What remote work is, how people work remotely, and why people make the decision to work remotely.
  2. The kind of remote jobs are currently available, from the obvious ones, tech, and freelancing, to the more surprising ones.
  3. Helpful tips for anyone who has a dream of becoming a remote worker or building a remote-based company/workplace.

Working Remotely

Thanks to technological advancements, remote work is fast becoming a norm in a majority of industries. While the idea of working outside the conventional workplace has been thought of for decades, the idea has only recently gone mainstream (although some places, like America, used to have an entrepreneurship-based economy).

Remote working has become popular and achievable fuelled mainly by the growth of the knowledge economy and the increasingly-aware workforce. Research shows that modern workers expect genuine work ecosystems.

With good internet access, work can be done from anywhere. Whether it be at home, a client’s office, a co-working space, a nearby café, or from a holiday resort.

Lately, there has been a paradigm shift as to what society regards as a suitable work environment. Technology itself is becoming an integral part of organizational operation thus making alternative workplaces appealing, giving rise to remote work.

Remote work is a work-approach methodology that allows a worker to work outside the bounds of a traditional office environment.

It’s based on the concept that work is not only restricted to the workplace, but can be executed successfully, and even better, outside the office. For most remote workers, the most common form of remote work is working from home or freelancing.

Pros of Working Remotely

  1. Remote work offers a Flexible Lifestyle

    Remote jobs offer remote workers a more flexible lifestyle with freedom away from a strict routine. At times when they’re not needed in the office, they can focus on other priorities in their life.

    A parent working remotely can work early and have time in the evening for the kids. For others, it can give them the flexibility to travel around the world or pursue further education.

  2. Increased Passion for their Work

    Remote workers enjoy unlimited flexibility and freedom to work. Therefore, depending on their situation, they can choose a place that best motivates them to work.

    Moreover, they can quickly filter out environmental distractions and continue to perform excellently to support their lifestyle.

  3. Increased productivity

    Remote working usually offers zero commuting for workers, and therefore, remote workers have more time to get into work.

    Moreover, with fewer distractions and lack of fatigue, they have more concentration on their work and tend to outperform employees in the office.

  4. It’s Inexpensive

    Unlike office employees, remote workers end up saving much more from their salary. For starters, they save up a considerable amount of cash as there is no daily commuting involved.

    Secondly, a remote worker doesn’t need an office space and thus can save up on money that would otherwise be spent on rent (if they were considering renting their own office space). Lastly, remote workers only need two tools; access to a computer and fast internet, which can be inexpensive.

  5. Better Health and Mental Wellness

    Remote employees are significantly healthier and have more morale than their office counterparts. They work in environments that they are comfortable in without constant supervision.

    Office employees have a daily commute to work and constant pressure by their superiors to perform — something that increases work absenteeism and demoralization.

Cons of Working Remotely

  1.  Loneliness

    In an office setting, employees often get the opportunity to see their work-mates every day and socialize. However, for remote workers, loneliness can slowly set in.

    Remote workers spend an immense amount of time indoors working. For those without friends or family, the social exclusion can become exhausting.

  2.  Distractions

    Remote work comes with its own set of distractions. For instance, a remote worker working from home has very many temptations to overcome.

    There’s the temptation to open your favorite social media account, or stream your favorite show on Netflix, etc.

  3.  Lower Compensation

    In some instances, companies tend to pay remote employees way little compared to office employees. The only turn-around for this is that the remote worker has the flexibility to work for several companies at the same time.

Remote Work Jobs


As internet access and technology continue to improve, many companies are beginning to realize the potential of remote workers.

Furthermore, a variety of industries are now starting to hire remote employees for some skills or knowledge. Below we take a look at several remote jobs available in different sectors. They include:

Online/Digital Marketing

Online marketing jobs are the most common remote jobs in existence today. They have a low barrier to entry, are in high demand, and skill mastery doesn’t take long.

These kinds of jobs include content creation for blogs, traffic generation through SEO, inbound marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Writing and Editing

Writing is also another gateway to remote work. First and foremost, there is blogging, which is a popular way of making income.

Other types of writing include technical writing, medical writing, copywriting, and e-books which are well-paying writing and editing niches.

Virtual Assistant

This kind of remote job involves businesses outsourcing some of their tedious activities to virtual assistants.

They range from simple secretarial duties such as making appointments to technical ones such as updating websites. Additionally, the jobs range from one-time gigs and short-term contracts to long-term employment.

We Work Remotely

Cyberius is a global digital marketing agency that specializes in content creation, social media management, crowdfunding, and online community building. We have a lot of experience from successful collaborations on several projects. Therefore, we offer the following tips to ensure that you remain successful as you begin working remotely.

  • Find a suitable workplace
  • Invest in efficient working materials
  • Always work a work-schedule that you can strictly follow
  • Take advantage of peak hours
  • Finally, get rid of distractions
Remote work quotation
Remote work quotation

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