June 4, 2018

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How To Choose An SEO Company?

How To Choose An SEO Company?

What is SEO

SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization”, is a business strategy that focuses on maximizing exposure to a business by making optimal use of various means in accordance with how a search engine works. Through various developments and tweaks in the early 1990s, SEO has advanced and is now widely adopted as a business success strategy.

With its different methods and approaches, a well-designed SEO strategy can lead to more than 11,000% of increase in traffic count – in just 6 months (though this is high and may not be the average, and every business will vary).

The type of SEO strategy that you decide on can make or break your business, so choose the most suitable one for it. Also, while it is important to implement SEO so that your website can show on the top rankings of major search engines (especially Google), it may not be suitable or necessary for all businesses.

SEO Company

If, however, you would love to explore more about SEO, and how to choose the right SEO company, then read on.   

Much of the time, SEO is done by a partner – this means companies outsource the work and hire a team of “outsiders” instead of creating their own in-house team from scratch for efficiency. These teams are called SEO firms – and, depending on what you need, you might need to explore all the possible options and various firms that are available out there.

If you prefer to start with an experienced SEO firm that specializes in digital marketing and knows what they are doing, the name’s Cyberius.

SEO Tips

Whatever your specific needs might be, though, we are glad to share some tips and tricks to finding a good SEO company that can answer your needs:


     1. Realize your needs

Make a list of the needs that your business requires to grow and optimize its online presence. Figure out your goals and sit down with your team members, then look for a few (three to five) options. Start by browsing and looking for the most popular SEO firms and quickly check credentials.

Find the ones that attract your interests, list them down and check their services/products – whether these add up and complement your needs or not. If you feel they can offer valuable insights and help, then move on to the selection process.

     2. Then, differentiate

What is there to differentiate? The answer would be: good SEO companies and their bad counterparts. According to Forbes, stay away from an SEO company if they are at least: secretive of what they are doing, give hard-to-be-understood explanations, and sound too good to be true.

All these traits are almost a sure guarantee of time and money wasted – you would not want to start with inefficiency and distrust, so stay away from a bad SEO company if these warning signs are present. Simply forget them. Also see this video for more on how to spot a bad SEO company, and how to choose a good one.

    3. Select the most suitable SEO firm for your business

As a follow up to step 2, you would then need to select the best SEO firm to hire.

In general, there are some tips to help you get to know an SEO firm better and decide if they are a good one or not:

  • Conduct an interview session, where you and the SEO firm of your choice discuss how to meet your business’ needs. Talk about what you need, what you are looking to have done, what your goals are, and ask for their feedback.
  • Check for references. Look for an SEO firm that has experience and check for their references. Ask around and check with their past clients if they have delivered or not. Ask whether the clients had difficulties when working with them. Check whether the SEO firm met the clients expectations and KPIs.
  • Ask for a technical and searchability audit. If the SEO firm has learned about your needs and has proven reliable, ask them to perform an audit of tech and search stats for your business. A good SEO firm will be able to produce a professional audit report and advise you on what to improve, what to be abandoned, what new strategies that might be needed, etc.
    Of course at this stage you would need to pay them and give them access to some confidential information, so you need to make sure that you can trust them.
  • Finally, make a decision. After going through all the steps, sit down again with your company’s team and talk. Discuss each SEO firm’s strengths and weaknesses, your findings about them, and cross-out the ones that are least suitable for your business’ growth until you only have one left. That one name that is still there could be the best option for your business to grow. Contact that SEO firm and finalize the paperwork.


As technologies keep on growing and innovations never stop, it’s pretty safe to say that SEO will not die. Instead of dying, SEO as a business strategy will keep on changing and adapting to answer all of the challenges presented by the Internet and search engines.

SEO has been, and will likely continue to be a developing avenue to help businesses prosper. All that’s left to do is for you to decide whether this would be the right step for you – because, for a start, due to its competitive nature, a good SEO strategy from an outside agency will require a significant amount of funds.

If you think SEO could help your brand, product, or service, and you would like to explore it as a business strategy, then feel free to reach out to us. We will help and assist you professionally, in the best way possible. Drop by our website and leave a message – tell us what you need and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Disclaimer: This article was written and published by Cyberius. We are a digital marketing company that specializes in SEO, content creation, online community management, and crowdfunding.

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How To Choose An SEO Company?

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