ASEAN Insights Vietnam ICO Market

In the ASEAN Insights Vietnam ICO Market report, we cover the basic blockchain atmosphere in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam.

The first section of this report covers the Vietnam government’s past, current, and potential future positions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The communist government is not extremely fond of Bitcoin at the moment, and has essentially announced that cryptocurrency use or acceptance is illegal and punishable.

The report suggests that examples such as Mt. Gox’s demise, may be among the reasons for the government’s stance… though there could certainly be other reasons. However, despite the negative views held by the authorities, there may be hope for the future of crypto in Vietnam.   

Our report shows you Vietnam’s current acceptance and growing curiosity for blockchain, their adoption of the technology, as well as potential leaders in the industry. We also cover other data points, such as the percentage of bank account holders in the population, the number of smartphone owners, demographics, overview of big Fintech deals in the country, and the growth number of internet users, etc.

All in all, this report will give you a general good understanding of Vietnam’s digital ecosystem, both now, and a peak at what the future may hold. We hope you enjoy this report, and if you’re interested in having a similar report made for your business or research project, contact us at

The full report you can find here: “ASEAN Insights Vietnam ICO Market”.

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