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Cyberius is a digital marketing agency that's been around since 2016 and is composed of an international team of experts, centered around South East Asia and Europe.

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Recent projects

Formed in 2016, we've had the pleasure of working for and partnering with multiple companies and projects, most of them in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Check out some of our more recent projects below:

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Introduction To Crypto Lending [INFOGRAPHIC]

The infographic below will introduce you to the concept of cryptocurrency lending, and what it offers to the finance community. What Is Crypto Lending? What...

Fresh Tomatoes article illustation

Using Infographics As Effective Marketing Tools

If you want to promote a website or online business, then digital marketing is an essential skill set to have. Marketers have a great deal...

SERP article illustation

Marketing Technology (MARTECH) and It's Revolution

Powerful Digital Marketing Digital marketing is the lifeblood of any online business, and if you want to excel at it, you might want to read...

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Who are we?

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Cyberius is a digital marketing agency that’s been around since 2016 and is composed of an international team of experts, centered around Southeast Asia and Europe.

We specialize in content creation (such as infographics, articles, social media posts, etc), building online communities, social media management, and marketing & SEO audits.

We offer a plethora of digital marketing services to meet your online needs (see our services below).

Contact us and let us know what we can do for you and your business. We'll get back with a proposition and a quote as soon as we can.

What drives us?

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By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. It is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between parties.

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Financial technology, often shortened to fintech, is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a relatively short timescale, such as sunlight or wind.

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A startup is a company initiated by individual founders or entrepreneurs to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Our services

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to help your business grow, and to help effectively communicate your products or services to your audience. Check out our many digital marketing services below:

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Digital Marketing Consulting & Audits

We offer many different types of digital marketing services from B2B to B2C, as well as:

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Digital Marketing Consulting

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Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Audits

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SEO helps you optimize your website for search engine findability. SEM helps temporarily boost your website’s traffic through paid search engine marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

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Content Design

Whatever your graphic design needs are, we’ll be there. From infographics to logos.

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Post Templates

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Social Media

We’ll help you build and manage your social media digital community. Keeping conversations on track, answering questions, and posting regular meaningful content.

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Building A Digital Community

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Social Media Management

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Social Media Posts

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See some of our blog posts below. Our blog is where we post useful & insightful articles and infographics about various topics of interest.

Remote Work Writing Illustration

Remote Work and the whole truth about it

Kacper Bąkczyk icon

Kacper Bąkczyk

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Jan 23, 2019

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10 min

Modern technology has undoubtedly become an essential part of life for many of us, permeating even the larger global work culture. With...

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Global renewable energy use (infographic)

Żaneta Gudowicz icon

Żaneta Gudowicz

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Jan 15, 2019

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20 min

What is renewable energy? The infographic below is about global renewable energy use. Renewable energy is energy that is...

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Marketing technology (martech) and its revolution

Elijah J. Sanders icon

Elijah J. Sanders

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Jan 9, 2019

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8 min

Digital marketing is the lifeblood of any online business, and if you want to excel at it, you might want to read up a bit and keep up...

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